Dieter Schwarz, curator, author and consultant for modern and contemporary art.

Born in Zurich in 1953, lives in Zurich. Studied German and French literature, Linguistics and Comparatistics in Zurich. 1981: PhD on the literary work of Dieter Roth. 1981–83: working on editions for the Adolf Wölfli-Stiftung at Kunstmuseum Bern. 1983–85: research in Paris on a scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, leading to a publication on Stéphane Mallarmé. 1985–90: Curator at Kunstmuseum Winterthur. 1990–2017: Director of Kunstmuseum Winterthur.

Numerous exhibitions and publications on art from early Modernism to the present day, with a particular emphasis on recent American, Italian and German art.

Member of the Board of the Thomas Schütte Stiftung, the Fondation Félix Vallotton, and the Fondation Mattioli Rossi, and of the Advisory Board of the Hauser & Wirth Institute.