Dieter Schwarz, curator, author and consultant for modern and contemporary art.

Born in Zurich in 1953, lives in Zurich. Studied German and French literature, Linguistics and Comparatistics in Zurich. 1981: PhD on the literary work of Dieter Roth. 1981–83: working on editions for the Adolf Wölfli-Stiftung at Kunstmuseum Bern. 1983–85: research in Paris on a scholarship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, leading to a publication on Stéphane Mallarmé. 1985–90: Curator at Kunstmuseum Winterthur. 1990–2017: Director of Kunstmuseum Winterthur.

Numerous exhibitions and publications on art from early Modernism to the present day, with a particular emphasis on recent American, Italian and German art.

Member of the Board of the Thomas Schütte Stiftung, the Fondation Félix Vallotton, and the Fondation Mattioli Rossi.